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Textbooks/Exercises/Practices that are used in China

Structured Learning of Chinese Pinyin and Chinese Characters:

This collection includes books that teach you Chinese Pinyin, Chinese Characters and more structured teaching tools. They can be used as primary teaching materials, or supplemental teaching materials. The Children will need assistance in using the collection of books.

Books includes: Monkey King Chinese Related books (美猴王汉语);Learn Characters (学识字);Learn Pinyin (学拼音);Preschool Book : Everything about Chinese Pinyin (拼音能力-全脑开发入学准备金典);Preschool Pinyin (Beginning Level)+ Supports Talking Pen (学前拼音初级支持好学宝有声世界);The Little White Bunny Learns Pinyin (兔子小白学拼音);

Chinese Character Writing Practices 

Want your kids to learn to write Chinese Characters? Then this is your book! The Practice Tracing and Writing Chinese Characters Series books each has 79 pages, focusing on about 38-40 Chinese Characters. It provides the stroke numbers and stroke orders to help children to write characters in the correct way. It also provides Pinyin of the characters to help with recognition. There are two examples of phrases that consists of the practiced characters to help understand how to use the characters in phrases as well as in sentences. 
This is a collection of 3 books to help children practice tracing and writing Chinese characters. Writing Chinese Characters is as important as if not more important than recognizing and reading Chinese Characters. This series of books cover the basic vocabularies that children will need to start first grade in China. 

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